Hey guys,

Below you will find some information about my social media and how I´m planning to work with it. Hopefully you will like it and find it useful, lots of cool stuff in mind for 2017 so you want to make sure to watch this space 😉

The website will have a blog section where I’ll post daily updates as well as reports during races. I plan to use this page instead of writing everything on Facebook. Of course my FB page will still be there and used more or less as I am using it today. It is just the reports etc that will be shared via this website. Below you can see how I will work with all my social media platforms.

Facebook (David Ronnefalk) – Short updates, pictures and shared information from my website
Instagram (@davidronnefalk) – Cool photos and a bit more of my personal life in pictures
Twitter (@DavidRonnefalk) – All post here will be linked from Instagram
Youtube (David Ronnefalk) – Subscribe to this channel and you will be notified when new videos are uploaded, tech-tips, laps at different tracks around the world and some daily VLOGS.

In the menu there’ll be a few different sections. Under the ‘Racing’ section you’ll find all Setups for the HB Racing platforms, Tech-Tips (coming) and also my racing calendar so you can follow which races I attend.

There is also a ‘World Champion’ section where you will be able to find videos etc. from my 2016 World title victory in Las Vegas.
A section for my ‘Bio’, ’Sponsors’ and ‘Gallery’ will also be there for you to read about me, check out all the companies supporting me as well as a nice gallery page with som Hi-Res pictures from my travels.

Under the ‘Media’ section, links for videos will be added as the racing calendar goes on. This will be videos that are made by Neobuggy.net, Redrc.net or Liverc.com.

I hope you enjoy everything here and make sure to LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE all my accounts to be notified of updates.

My goal for 2017 is to grow my social media precsence. My vision is big, but I will not be able to do it without your help out there! So please give me a helping hand and share my accounts! Thank you!