It was time for the first outdoor race in Sweden and it was the first round of the Swedish Cup. The track is not that far away from my home so I went there to practice the weekend before. It was very cold then but my car was on rails! I never felt this comfortable with the car ever, and it was super fast. It is a nice track with a mix of materials, bricks, astroturf, dirt, wood etc. The layout of the track is fun and pretty tricky at some spots.

We started to drive to the track on Saturday morning at 5am, a 2h drive then we were there. It was not very many entries to this race, only about 55 drivers would be competing at the race, normally we are a bit more at those races but it looks like electric racing is taking over a bit at the moment. However all the top guys from Sweden were there so it would still be a great race.

We got two rounds of practice before we headed into the five rounds of qualifying where your three best rounds count. Practice went good, I tested what tires I would choose for qualifying as I didn´t have to touch the setup on the car. The weather was pretty good even if the wind was chilly.

I went on to TQ the first round after a mistake-free run, I was 12 seconds ahead of the second placed driver. My car was really really good and everybody came to me and said how good it was looking when I was driving it around the track. I only made 3 mistakes in all five rounds, which meant that I was able to do the clean sweep of taking 5 out of 5 possible TQs! First time I ever done that in Sweden. In the evening we went to the hotel to wrench there, as it got quite cold in the night. I prepared new diffs and shocks as well as I looked over the whole car to see if there were anything wrong.

The car got ready to go and in the semi practice on Sunday morning everything felt really good! It was quite cold so I would maybe need to go up in shock oils for the semi. It felt like the temperature stayed the same, but 10 minutes before our main was about to start it went up a lot. I knew the shock oil would be a bit light but it should be fine I thought. I went out on the warm-up and the car felt okay. The traction had also gone up so towards the end of the semi I needed to be ready for the car to change handling wise a bit. I had a few mistakes but I won the semi anyway, though I knew that Christoffer would be able to beat my time if he had a good run.

He had a good run and just beat my time by a few seconds. I would start right behind him in the 45 minute A-main.  I made sure the car was fine and then grabbed a burger to eat before it was time for the final to start. It felt good and I knew that if I stayed out of mistake I would slowly be able to build up a gap to the others. It was a great start and I and Christoffer pulled away a bit from the field directly. We had a great fight for the first 25-30 minutes where we stayed within a few seconds of each other swapping places a few times. His tires faded away a bit after 30 minutes and I was able to build a gap that he never was able to close again. I went on to take the first win for me with the HB D815 and I can´t say anything else that I really like the car!

You find the setup here: SetupPic



Next up will be 1/10 Nationals and then 1/10 EC Warm-up in England.


The Swedish “HB team”