Finally it was time to attend the first race with the new car and team, at the DHI-Cup held in Odense, Denmark. Some of the top carpet drivers attended the race in the buggy class, which had 68 drivers in the 2wd class and 67 in 4wd.     fri_entrance Having made some practice with the D413 in December I felt very comfortable with how the car was handling coming into the race. In 2wd I used a TeamC car, I had made some practice with it prior the event as well and it felt very good too. We came to the track on Thursday evening and the buggy track looked great! Excited to get going I glued some tires and made sure everything was ready for the first round of practice on Friday morning.  

    On Friday we were going to have 2 ‘free practice’ rounds and 2 ‘timed practices’ to determine the heats for qualifying, the first two rounds in 2wd being on Friday evening. First time on the track was a little bit different as the carpet being used had a lot more grip into it than what I had been practicing on at home. I made some changes to the setup to get the D413 a little more easy and safe to drive. The 2wd felt  great and didn’t have to make any changes to it. In the end I was 2nd after the practice in 4wd and 1st in 2wd, I felt really good going into the qualifying. Qualifying in 2wd went very well as I TQed 3 out of the 4 rounds and secured the overall TQ for the event. The car was very easy to drive and really suited my style of driving around the fast but technical track. Qualifying got underway in 4wd and I had some ups and downs, finishing in 3rd overall. Car was very fast which lap times showed, but it didn’t help as me not being the best friend with a jump in the far back of the track. However I felt that I had a great chance to compete with the two drivers in front of me in the finals. The finals in 2wd went really good as well and I was able go home with the win after winning A1 and A3. In A1 I probably made one of my best finals ever as my average lap time was just .2 of a second off my best lap and I won easily by a 10 seconds margin to 2nd placed driver. In A2 I had a screw coming loose in the chassi which made it difficult to keep Joern Neumann behind me as my car got stuck in almost every landing after halftime. In A3 it was a great fight in the beginning but when I got free track in front of me there was nothing that could stop me from taking the title.   2WD Podium

  After all the three A-mains I ended up where I qualified, 3rd. Having a great run going on in A1 where me and Martin Bayer were very close to each other on the last lap, I tried all I could to get by but instead rolled the car over right before the finish line. This meant Joern Neumann also got by and I had to settle for 3rd. A2, and A3 I made some frustrating mistakes and wasn’t able to finish where I wanted. However I´m pleased with making the podium in my first big race with the car on carpet, knowing that I gained a lot of experience and learned new stuff about the car after every run. Already looking forward to the coming races, next up will be Reedy Race in the US staring in just 10 days or so.   Last but not least I have say congratulation to my teammate Freddy Südhoff having a great race on the other side of the driver stand on the touring car track where he finished 3rd overall with being close to win A3. Very nice meeting Freddy and getting to know each other!