This weekend it was time for the second round of the Swedish Cup. It was going to be the first 1/8 race after the practice I did in France about two weeks ago. There I found a very good setup that we though should work as a “base setup” here on the European tracks. This track located near the capital of Sweden is known for being quite tricky and difficult, and before it hasn’t been my favorite track but maybe I could change that this weekend!

On Saturday we were going to have two rounds of practice before five rounds of qualifying.


Practice went really good and I didn’t have to change anything on the setup, instead I focused to find the right tires for the track. There was no re-seeding so the groups stayed the same in qualifying. With the track being so tricky I meant big time differences on lap times within your heat that made up for a lot of traffic problems, but the referee made his best to guide the faster guys through so it was not too bad.

My car worked really well all day and I didn’t have to change anything at all on the car throughout qualifying. I went on to TQ three out of the five rounds we had and got the overall TQ as well. In two of the rounds I just made a few mistakes that cost me a bit of time, however I still got 2nd in both those rounds.

On Sunday morning I got my car ready, put new fresh diffs inside and made the car clean and shiny. The semi practice was up first and we normally check so everything is working correctly and then we also check the run time on the engine so we know for sure what to go for in the finals.


The semi started out really good and I checked out early on and left the field of cars behind me. I kept pulling away all the time and was able to win by a full lap in front of second. I only had one crash in the semi, which was very good on this rough and tricky track. I got the pole position for the final as none in the other semi were close to beat my time either.

The final started out just as good as the semi did, though Christoffer Svensson found some more speed for the final and didn’t loose so much time on me as he did before. I kept pulling away from the other each and every lap and about 30-35 min in the final I had lapped the whole field. I ran without any mistakes until 35 minutes when I had my first bobble. I continued to gap them even more and over the finish line I almost had 2 full laps down to second place, which was Christoffer. The car was amazing all week and I feel more than ready for the upcoming Euros about a week away!!!