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HB Racing is owned by Philippe Neidhart and the Switzerland based company has become one of the most popular brands on the market today. HB Racing is growing all the time and is now one of the leading brands. With Torrance Deguzman designing the platforms, HB Racing now have the two latest world titles in 1/8 off-road and podium in 1/10 ep buggy. When I joined the team in 2015 and became the winner of the World Championships in Las Vegas 2016, I’m now HB‘s leading driver and ambassador for the brand at races around the globe.


Performa Racing is owned by Philippe Neidhart and goes under his well established business Neidhart s.a. Performa Racing is the power units in the vehicles. from the P1 radical nitro engines to the P1 radical brushless motors and P1 hmx speed controllers. The power delivery is second to none and essential to give me the best possible traction to the ground.


HIGHEST Korea is a company specialised in manufacturing rc servos. Having some of the best quality servos on the market in RC, they are becoming more and more popular all the time. With all products being made by patented process in Korea, you can be sure to get some of the best servos in the business. I became an ambassador and one of their leading drivers in 2016 and have had lots of success already with my World Championship title and European Championship title in my first year together with HIGHEST.


Absolute Hobbyz was founded in 2007 by Joseph Zatika. Joseph started Absolute because he enjoyed the hobby just as much as everyone else. Over time Absolute has grown into one of the major hobby shops in the industry. Absolute takes great care in supplying consumers all over the world with the best possible pricing and fast shipping. Today Absolute has nearly 20,000 items on its website as it continue to grow. From the start of 2017 I receive all my accessories from Absolute and I’m happy to be a part of and promote such a dedicated hobby shop.


Freemax Metal Products co., ltd is one of the largest rc model car manufacturers in the world that founded the Arrowmax brand back in 2010. Good quality, innovation, and responsibility are the business philosophy to work with well-known international brands for oem and odm projects. Arrowmax has now become a famous top RC brand of professional tool and accessories in a very short amount of time. I am happy to be representing such a professional brand since the start of 2017. Their famous honeycomb style of tools and accessories is now known all over the world and you can see the amount of people using the products is growing all the time.


XTR is a company based in Spain. I became their representative in the beginning of 2016 and together we have had great success in the first few years. Together with XTR, I got my signature fluids ”Ronnefalk Edition” which are meant for shocks an differentials for your rc car. We have added a few more products for to the Ronnefalk line that you definitely have to check out!


RUNNERTIME is based in Italy and stands for top quality fuel. If you are looking for fuel for your RC car, this is what you want to get. RUNNERTIME is high quality and true passion, always looking for the best raw material present on the market, developing top blends with the best technology available. I became a team driver and ambassador for the brand in 2013 when winning my first European Championship in France. After this the work together has been paying off with another EC title in 2014 and last but not least World Championship title together in 2016.


Avid Racing Products has been saving rc racers money from day one. It is their mission to provide the best quality product at the best prices available. All of the Avid Racing Products go through rigorous testing to insure the best durability available today. With their high quality bearings being the most known one in the company’s range of products, I feel safe at the races knowing I don’t have to worry about a bearing failure. The cooperation between me and Avid started in 2015 and have already been very successful for both parties.


T-works products was established back in 2008, focused on making high quality products. the majority of the product comes from precision cnc machining with expertise in advanced manufacturing and post processing techniques. I have been using all their titanium products such as screws, turnbuckles and other accessories for my cars with great success. If you haven’t seen their special ufo screw kits you should definitely go and check them out.


Xact RC was started to fill the needs for rc accessories. With decades in the RC industry as bashers, racers, customers and working in the industry for manufacturers, Danny and Robert know the in’s and out’s of products and the high standards people expect. Xact RC offers the high expectations in their products to meet the customers expectations of everyday use.


Stickit1racing also known as bc1graphics is based in Phoenix, Arizona where Brian Causse and his employees are creating quality products in cool designs. Using the latest technology available, they are able to create very unique stuff such as decals, stickers, shirt etc. Even if you are not the fastest on the track, with Stickit1racing you will still be able to look just as good in the pits as the factory guys. Becoming one of their factory drivers in 2018 has given me a new look and i love it!


Team Orion got started back in 1987 by Philippe Neidhart and was focused on product for electric racing back then. Oscar Jansen joined the team 10 yeas later and is now the head of most of the products on the electric side. Later in 2007, Adrien Bertin joined the company and started to develop the Team Orion nitro engine line with the patented crf technology. I became a factory driver for Team Orion in 2009 and since then the success together have been great. With Adrien Bertin as a close friend but also my mechanic and a mentor, we have now won three European Championships, a World Championship and many other races as well together.


The company Racingtime Sweden is based in Växjö Sweden and produces racing inspired products with their own design. the first product is a premium chronograph watch named ”Champion” under the brand of founded in 2018 by driver Per-Ola Hard after over 30 years of racing experience and passion. The aim is to attract all kind of racing and motorsport loving people, racing with cars, bikes and more. Designer is Per-Ola Hard himself, the style is racing inspired with a touch of Scandinavian famous clean design approach. Products are premium yet affordable so the market is global. Per-Ola Hard says ”we are very delighted to work together with Mr. David Ronnefalk, world champion and also a great person with good attitude both on and of the track, perfect to represent our brand with Swedish herritage on the international racing scene”. – enjoy your passion

NEOBUGGY is one of the world leading RC news site with daily off-road RC car news. launched 14th january 2003, created and still run by Philip Mortstedt, originally the site began as a hobby but steadily the site grew in popularity and developed into a full time occupation and business. The site covers all aspects and scales of off-road RC car news including racing news, results, product news from around the world. Neobuggy delivers coverage from numerous RC races, with the site also giving its name to the most popular Indoor race in the 1/8 off-road racing scene; The Neo Race. Held annually at Harper Adams University in England. Philip is one of my closest friends and he has supported my racing since i started to race. I’m very thankful for being able to use photos, videos and other information from


Circus RC news was created by Chris on November 13, 2013 with the aim to bring RC news to all the racers and to inspire newcomers to enjoy our sport. Initially only in French, Circus RC has quickly evolved by moving in the major international events and the switch to English has offered such an achievement that in addition to always being the most popular website in France, it has become one of the leaders of the world RC press thanks to its daily news, reports and photos.


The RCGP World Series is a Professional Scale Motorsports Championship. Its primary goals are to improve, promote and grow the sport of RC Racing by enhancing the enjoyment and visibility for everyone involved. RCGP provides an exciting racing format for racers on site, and the best possible coverage for fans online

‘Partnerships with aligned brands and individuals are part of RCGP’s strategy to develop the series and showcase scale motor sports to as large an audience as possible. David is a phenomenal competitor and ambassador for his sponsors, the industry and RCGP. We look forward to more opportunities to work together in the future’ RCGP

LIVE RC is an innovative company whose goal is to bring our beloved hobby to the main stream masses. Through unique media concepts that are new to the radio controlled car industry, has established itself as one of the premiere sources for r/c car race coverage, news, and multimedia. Since its inception, has been most well known for their groundbreaking live race coverage over the internet with live scoring and results, and live audio and video. As has grown, so has their range of services. still continually revolutionises their live racing coverage, and most recently has expanded into daily news coverage, quality photo galleries, and downloadable videos. I want to thank for their hard work on making sure all the rc people can follow the biggest races live online.


Started in October 2006 Red Rc is one of the most comprehensive website reporting on rc cars on the internet. updated daily, it brings together the latest product news, race reports, industry insight and videos from all competition classes. Now in its 9th year, the site attracts millions of visitors a year and the Red Rc team can be seen traveling the globe reporting on international events to publish on their event sites. I’m a good friend with everybody on the Red Rc team and it is great to get the support to use their pictures, videos etc.